(EVN Adelaide)

Analogue & DIgital DJ using Vinyl ONLY via RANE SL4


Port Adelaide Born & Bred

living in melbourne since June 2015

Raving Since 1993  Junglist Since 1995


EVN Drum n Bass Mixes 2003 to present


EVN Glitch-hop & Dubstep Mixes 2008-2013



EVN (EVNadelaide)

Drum n Bass CD/ Digital Releases

1.    (2003) Tormented(?) EVN: 5158 Records

Dubstep Release (Digital Release Only):

1.    (2009) The Kofa (Unbelievers)- EVN   One For All Records (OFAR002)

2.    (2009) Fortress of Solitude (EBC w/ Gunda G)          Groundzero Projects (GZ)

3.    (2009) Phat Chance- EVN                                           Groundzero Projects

Both are still available at digital retailers including Spotify who have fucked up and put my release alongside some trance dude, same issue on discography for all above listed releases (never got a cent and was probably overpaid tbh)

Radio Show Presenter

(50 Shows) Universal Radio on Coast FM 88.5FM Mar 24th 1998 to Mar 10th 1999

Midnight to 3AM Wednesdays Hosted by EVN & PAB with regular guest

Interstate Sets

(1997) Breakage The Palladium, Kings Cross, Sydney Dec 5th

(1998) Quadrillion Bruce C.I.T, Canberra Oct 1st ***

(2010) Audio Abuse Dub Thugs, Brisbane (EVN B2B Nech) Nov 13th

(1998) WON*** Pure DJ Comp (Heats: Feb 4th/ Semi- Mar 4th)

 Nightclub Venue Residencies


Thu- Klub Kaos- Night Train, Light Square Aug 17th to Nov 23rd (Nightrain)


Wed- Hardstepping- Kings Head Hotel July 19th to December 20th (Flip)


Wed- Liquid Mess- Stix, Gouger Street Jan 22nd to May 7th (Stix)

Fri- Elevate the Bass- Stix  Feb 28th to Mar 26th (RMR)

Thu- Universal- Planet Nightclub Mar 27th to Feb 11th 1998 (Ultraworld) FT

Thu- Congo May 15th to Jul 3rd (Vibes)


Sat- Bassics- May 23rd to July 4th (Tristan)


Sat- Momentum - Feb 13th to Apr 10th (RMR)


Wed- Sessions, Stix, Adelaide Feb 2nd to Feb 21st 2001 (Maximum Creation & Inbound)

Sat -Circles, North Terrace, Apr 7th to May 12th (Maximum Creation & Creative Juices)


Wed- Intelligence, The Wakefield, Wakefield St Jul 18th to Aug 1st (Inbound Maximum Creation)

Nightclub, Raves, & Underground events


Reach- January 25th

Beat Boo Yah- May 6th

Extremities- May 20th

Utopia- August 5th

Smile- June 6th

Utopia- Splitting the Atom- Atom 1 (Melb)- October 7th

Devils Night- October 31st

Farewell- DJ Cru-L-T (UK)- November 11th

Hysteria- Ultrasonic (Scotland)- December 2nd


Boiling Point- March 2nd

Taperoo High School Social- May 14th

Ultraworld 5- DJ SY (UK) Lenny Dee (USA)- May 15th

Thunderdome 96- Dave Angel (US) Buzz Fuzz- October 6th

Summer Drums- December 15th

Utopia Christmas- December 25th


Camouflage- April 18th

Delirium 2- MC/ DJ Ribbs- April 25th

Therapy-  May 16th

Sabotage- August 16th

Jungle Alliance- Ellis Dee & MC Fealess (UK)- Sept 13th

Rollers- Dr S. Gachet (UK)- October 25th

Big Dog Launch- December 12th

Ultraworld 9 (NYE)- December 31st


Elevate the Bass- February 6th

Release- February 21st

WON*** Pure DJ Comp- March 11th *** (Heats: Feb 4th Semi- Mar 4th)

Big Dog Records @ The Fringe Fest- March 14th

Acid Rein- David Carbone (Melb)- March 28th

UltraWorld 10- Grooverider (UK)  - April 12th

Decadance- May 2nd

Rollers Convention- DJ SS & Warren G (UK)-May 17th

Inbound #1-May 30th

Renaissance-Anthony Pappa (UK)- June 6th

Insanity- June 27th

Interdependence- July 4th

Essence- July 25th

Acid Rein- Thomas P Heckmann (Germ)- August 14th

Insanity- August 22nd

Release- August 29th

UltraWorld- The British Invasion- Darren J (UK) & ??- October 4th

Inbound #2- October 17th

Enchanted Forest- December 12th

Journey- December 19th

Resolution- December 31st


Valley of Deams- Kenny Ken & Mc Fearless (UK)- January 25th

Inbound 3- February 20th

Turbulence- Andy C & Mc GQ (UK)- February 26th

First Contact- Greg Packer (Perth)- March 20th

Inbound 4- May 15th

(50)Polyestuh- September 2nd

Bass Bubbles- DJ Storm & MC Flux (UK)- September 18th

Tunnel of Love- October 1st

In Motion (Youth Festival)- October 16th

One Love- DJ Bryan G (UK)- October 16th

Inbound 5- November 20th

Sonar- DJ Trace (UK)- November 26th

Global Unity too- Kaji (Japan)- November 27th

3 hour set @ Worldsend- December 10th

Beyond- John B (UK)- December 31st


Jungle Anthems- January 14th

Inbound 6- One LC (Melb)- February 12th

La Maison- March 17th

Quarantine- Greg Packer & Mystique (Perth)- May 6th

UltraWorld - Time Machine 2 Presha (NZ) LC & Trooper (Melb)- May 14th

Bounce-  Matrix & Fierce (UK)- May 27th

Inbound 7- June 17th

Headz- DJ Bailey (UK)- July 1st

Day Club- August 20th

New Forms- August 25th

Day Club- August 27th

Day Club- September 10th

Inbound #8- Trooper (Melbourne)- October 28th

Mash Up       Neptune, Lex, Rolln (Melb)- November 10th

New Forms- November 24th

Summer Fiesta- December 17th

Adrenalin NYE- Darren Jay (UK)- December 30th


Quarantine #2-Frantik (Perth)-January 20th

Inbound 9- February 20th

Rush - February 24th

Stardust- Peshay, Ray Keith & Mc Moose (UK)- March 10th

Mash Up (#2)  Neptune, Lex, Rolln (Melb)- March 16th

Rush- March 31st

UltraWorld 16- Grooverider (UK)- April 14th

Freedom One- April 24th

Mash Up (#3)- May 11th

Residency-May 25th

Inbound 10- Presha (NZ)- May 26th

True Playaz Tour- Pascal, Zinc (UK) Rolln (Melb)-June 2nd

Waxworks- June 10th

Inbound Presents- DJ Bailey (UK)- July 7th

Move- August 31st

Inbound 11- Mosus (NZ)- October 20th


Soundbar- January 9th

Soundbar- January 23rd

Soundbar- February 6th

Naughty Monkey- February 7th

Move- February 8th

Formation World Tour- DJ SS & Mc Warren G (UK)- February 21st

Inbound 12-February 23rd

(100) Soundbar- March 12th

Soundbar- April 3rd

Ultraworld 21 Recovery- April 27th

Breakbeat Sessions- May 1st

Inbound 13- June 1st

DJ Bailey (UK)- DJ Bailey (UK)- August 7th

Big Dog Launch- MC Fearless (UK)- October 17th

Inbound 14- November 16th


Roots @ Enigma - January 18th

Inbound 15- DJ Motive (Melb)- February 8th

5158 Record Launch @ Traffic-  May 18th

Inbound 5th Year Birthday- June 7th

Inbound presents DJ Bailey (UK)- July 7th

Remember the Rollers- Dr S Gachet (UK)- August 29th


VYRSM- Concord Dawn (NZ) Terrain Crew (Melb)- February 14th

History of DnB- April 4th

Under the Influence- June 4th

Inbound 17- Concord Dawn, Shapeshifter & Tiki (NZ)- July 16th

Inbound 18- October 16th


5158 AD Vol 4 Record Launch- January 21st

Roots 2- March 12th

Chemistry- April

Chemistry- August 11th

Blend- October 29th

Inbound website Launch- November 16th


(125) Inbound-Mystique (Perth)- February 11th

Inbound- Diggin in the Crates- July 15th

Enchanted Revive- August 18th

Twisted 2- Kier (Melb)- September 22nd


Starkey feat Starkey- 13th March


Swagga- Joker (UK)- 8th Jan

Bass! Turn it UP- A-Sides (UK)- 12th March

Swagga-  The Abyss (Syd) aka Boot & Sook- 6th Nov

Swagga- Shikung (Melb)- 4th Dec

Fridge- Magma (UK)-- 21st Dec


Swagga- Datsik (US)- 15th Jan

Swagga- Vaski (US)- 12th March


Subalicious Day- 1st April


Inbound presents Timebomb- 6th April

(Bold) Promoted/ Co-Promoted Events International Guest  

created by Evan Whyatt (EVNadelaide) for SAJungleHQ Victoria (c) 1994-2019

collection of Performance flyers

flyers of events co-/promoted


Collection of photos from my hiatus between 2010 to 2015 working for Genesse & Wyoming Australia

 Driving Suburban trains in Melbourne since 2015