New Accessories & Progress

Now I am a few more weeks into Crossfit and today I moved my membership from 3 days a week to unlimited. Which is me basically aiming for 4 days a week and 5 if i can drag myself out of bed when I finish late shifts.

I'm still maintaining my weight between 73-75Kg but slowly getting smaller with time. I'm amazed that my Tennis elbow is actually improving but I have done a couple things to assist in minimising the pain. 

I purchased an "Arm Aid" along with some "Crimp Bands" to work on the Extensor muscles as this may also assist in reducing the pain in my right elbow. I have had the Arm Aid for about a month and have been a bit slack using it once a day for 2-3 minutes at a time. The Crimp bands I tend to use for 5 minutes at a time once or twice a day. 

Another item I have bought is a "Posture Medic" which is supposed to help with straigtening your back. I use this 2-3 times a day for 15-30min at a time. I'm not sure it really does anything to be honest. Maybe at 43 years of age it's too late to correct my posture, but to be honest while I wear it it does the job, but not sure it really affects muscle memory in the long run. However, I will persist for another month or so in the to give a real chance. 

EVNlution- My Fitness Journey — EVNadelaide

To be honest I don't know where to start. I still love my drum n bass and jungle but due to work commitments it really has taken a backseat in life. I will come back to it but also due to random drug testing at work it also take the fun out of it for me a little. I love my weed but that is not an option and to keep on the straight and narrow I have had to find a new focus. 

So that focus for me is my journey in fitness. When i was a child i was burnt out by the excessive amount of sport I played. In winter I played 1st & 2nd XI Hockey for Pulteney Grammar as well as playing juniors at Woodville Hockey Club. In Summer I played Tennis for my Pulteney and Clovelly Park Tennis Club. I then suffered from Osgood Schlatters and sport took a back seat. I was informed by the Doctor that I would miss 6 months and it ended up being 18 months in reality.

Never in my life was I allowed to sleep in due to sport or school commitments but now finally I was free and when I was 17 I discovered weed. It was actually a good thing for me as I real anger issue and this settled me down. I made friends finally in my life and discovered a reinvigorated love for music and also a reinvigorated love for physical activity (Dancing) through Raving.

Raving kept me fit. Basic process was to Drop some acid at 11pm and be on the dancefloor until close at 7am with breaks for toilet and weed/smoking and thought i was really free. I wasn't, I was still playing a part and creating an image, and I did love that part and it wasn't until I joined the railways in 2010 through nepotism that I was finally able to break free of this delusion.

I got married and again lost my individuality and myself. I went from having to live up to my parents expectations to being locked into my wife's expectations. It was a toxic relationship for both of us and I'm disgusted by my behaviour towards/ from her and we ended it after 14 months and was the best thing to happen in my life. I discovered myself and had to re-evaluate myself and how to express myself. As much as the marriage was the worst decision of my life it also helped me develop a love for myself, tattoos and a growth through self discovery and abandoning all religious dogmas, superstitions & my belief in conspiracy theory. I developed and began to understand the art of critical thinking and Humanism. Things that I still have a long way to master or understand but also helped me move towards opening my mind through fitness instead of closing it to excess drug use. 

I nearly feel back into bad habits but had to persist in spite of these temptations. I rediscovered fitness and eventually moved to Melbourne where I did my 1st Spartan event in 2017 which then also led to another injury with tendinitis of my elbows and again was lost for 6 months trying to rehab and then discovered "legal highs" that almost led me to ending my life accidentally and sliding back into depression. 

I have been clean now 5 months and today is my 43rd birthday. 4 months ago I started going to the gym again and have been ever since but about 2 months ago I started to struggle with motivation so I bit the bullet.

I entered & completed the Sole Motive 8KM Summer Series 

  • Zoo: 49:05
  • Princes Park 42:48
  • Tan 44:57

The 2018 Run for Kids (1:29:29)

That wasn't enough for me as my birthday neared and I completed the Super Spartan race on Feb 24th in 3hrs 22min 26sec including having to do over 240 burpees for obstacle fails. 

That's when I decided it was time to get fitter and stronger and signed up to Crossfit Moorabbin at the beginning of March with some very simple goals in mind. 

  1. To start just be able to do correct form in everything.
  2. Then enough strength to be able to complete all obstacles in the Spartan race without having to do penalty burpees
  3. Then maybe do the open next year for fun and see how i go.

Initially in my fitness journey I have been aiming for 72Kgs but that was when my goal was weight loss. A week ago I got to 73.5 Kgs but now I'm moving onto muscle mass. Maybe a leanish 80Kg would be a good goal because a reality for me to remember was until I joined the railways I was on average 56Kgs.

At my heaviest 2 years ago I was 79 kgs, but whilst I have got to average of 74.5Kgs for the past month I still have shrunk in size. So now I'm going to start this blog where I post pictures of myself and talk abut my journey in an attempt to keep myself motivated and focused. Gains can be made in the short term but lifestyle changes are long term. 

I'm a terrible eater and picky as all hell but I do have a reasonably decent pattern of late. I actually eat breakfast each day, usually some Special K or All Bran styled breakfast, Lunch is usually just some Sushi and as a person who doesn't eat seafood that limits my selection but lucky lack of variety doesn't hurt me too much, then for dinner it's youfoodz

So for here I'll end my first post and get back to enjoying a day off from working out for my birthday and work on my plan to succeed and to grow old gracefully.